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VG Palette

                                                                                                          VINCENT VAN GOGH'S PALETTE


           As an art educator I have always been mindful of teaching students what they need to know through visual art. Whether concentrating on environmental issues, STEAM, one’s work ethic or relationships with others, the Matthew Thornton art room is a resource for all of our students.
     This year we will be continuing "The Crayola Take Back Program." Ms. Cowen and I enrolled Matthew Thornton School in this worthwhile environmental program last year.  It is a recycling program that prevents tons of dried up markers from ending up in landfills or oceans. A labeled recycle box is placed outside the art room for the collection of any kind of dried up marker. Once the box is filled students weighed them, print out a prepaid shipping label and return them to Crayola to be recycled.  It has been a huge success in our school.

Something New…

      Matthew Thornton School will be participating in a project aiming to set a “Guinness World Record,” while illustrating a message of hope for those battling addiction. Butterflies are a symbol of hope. Imagine thousands of artfully decorated paper butterflies each decorated uniquely by its maker and displayed together. This event will take place in Manchester on September 23rd 2017 during “Art Jam Bridge Fest”. Schools and youths of all ages from NH will help reach the goal for the highest number of paper-crafted butterflies on display together in one location.


      We are fortunate to house a smart board as a resource in the art room. This technology allows Ms. Cowan and I to create visual models, supportive interactive projects and access research from museums and contemporary artists. It is a great tool to quickly find information relating to our curriculum. Students are enriched by easy access to information on the web about art history and today's visual culture.



    The art teachers and our PTA, will once again be participating in the "Art to Remember" fundraiser. Our students’ artwork is superimposed onto a selection of products that parents may choose to purchase. Informational packets with students' art work will be sent home this Spring in time for Mother's Day. They make great gifts. A send out date will be determined by our PTA. Thank you, to all parents’ for your support and help and our PTA for the hard work making this fundraiser a success.

         Much of the proceeds from “The Art to Remember Fundraising” pays for our fourth graders field trip to The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester NH. All fourth graders at Matthew Thornton have been visiting the Currier for the last seventeen years. This year’s field trip is scheduled in November 2017. The featured exhibit is; "The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec” Prints and Posters by artist Henri Toulouse- Lautrec from the Museum of Modern Art collection. The program will include a preview slide show presentation as well as an art project that relates to the exhibit presented. Information will be sent home to fourth graders at the appropriate time.

“Chat Noir” by Toulouse -Lautrec

Throughout the Year in Art...

        Each of our students in first through fifth grade are building skills, critically thinking and learning about the elements and principles of design while enjoying art making. The art projects are developmentally simple in the primary grades and become more of a challenge for the students in the upper grades. My projects align with the new State and National Art Standards. I focus on cross curricular integration and technology to expand students' understanding and to enrich their learning experience without impacting their art making fun. Once again we will participate in a few select poster contests for students in grades 1-5. We certainly stay busy while learning creatively.
View the 5th grade line project and 2nd grade balloon drawings. Click the picture below.

       line                                    balloon

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