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You can reach me at ex. 6020 or email me at

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Mrs. Allard's Class
Room 20

 Some suggestions for this year are:

1. Bring healthy snacks with juice or water to school every day.  

2. Dress for the weather. Extra clothes, socks, hats and mittens are helpful during cold weather. Water bottles are encouraged, but please label with your child's name.

3. Please send in any money (milk, lunch, ice cream or money to deposit in lunch accounts) in a labeled envelope with your child's name and my name as well as how the money is to be used.


Spelling lists go home in the homework folders on Fridays. Here are some ideas to help your child practice their words: "Back Drawing", "Rainbow Writing", shaving cream, chalk in the driveway, letter magnets, computer, or anything creative you come up with. If your child comes home without their list, please send me a note the next day.

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Monday:  Music
Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Library

Thursday:  Art

Friday: Math Enrichment

Please remember:

- Yellow Take Home Folders go home on Fridays and are due back on Mondays empty. Please enjoy sitting down and going through all the wonderful work your child had completed that week. If you see teacher marks, please go over that skill with your child.

- Blue Homework Folders will go home on Fridays and are due back on Fridays.  This encourages responsibility in the students. Any routines you can set up at home for your child regarding homework times and a safe place to keep their folder (their backpack is the best place) will greatly benefit your child.
-If your child will be attending the after school YMCA program at school and their schedule changes, please email or write a note to let me know.  That information is not always passed along to the classroom teacher. 
-If your child will be picked up daily or on a random day,  please write me a note that morning. 

Read, Learn, Laugh!