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Welcome Our Special Curriculum Math Webpage!
  Within this webpage you will find important information about our fourth and fifth grade special curriculum math program as well as the Math Enrichment special for first through third grades. Please click on the documents and links tabs for further information.

Pull out Math Parents... make sure to check and initial your child's planner daily, even on Fridays . Almost all correspondence will be through your child's planner. Newsletters and important information will be stapled into the planner. 
We have math homework Monday through Thursday. Fridays and the weekends are usually homework free, unless we are in need of additional practice or if there is an assigned project.
Math Enrichment Parents...There will be pictures posted monthly, showing what our first, second, and third grade students are learning during math enrichment. On the Links page you can find lessons and games to help you and your child understand the concepts being taught. 

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