November Principal Newsletter

November Principal Newsletter
Posted on 10/31/2016
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Dear Parents/Guardians:                                                                             November, 2016                                                                                                             

Our MT Cross Country Team, with the assistance of coaches Dan Wrubleski and Suanne Nader fared well at the Elementary Cross Country Meet on October 5th. The PTA put on a Spaghetti Supper the night before and the 5th grade teachers served the athletes, which they loved!  All of our students did their best and we took some nice prizes. Congratulations to all of our 5th grade Cross-Country athletes!!

Our MT-PTA once again earned the Blue Ribbon Award as a result of the countless volunteer hours logged in at Matthew Thornton School for the 15-16 school year. A celebration breakfast for all the Blue Ribbon Schools was held at the Radisson in Manchester, NH on October 18th in order to thank volunteers from across the State of New Hampshire. Bill McCarthy, our Assistant Principal, Aaron Duffy, PTA President and Vice President Regan Sochanek attended the celebratory event. Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers!

Recess Academy is becoming an annual event at Matthew Thornton School. The 3rd Annual Recess Academy was held on Thursday, October 13th and over 30 LHS student athletes spent the afternoon working with each grade-level of students in an extended recess in order to teach them the Recess Game rules and what it means to be a good sport. The students had a blast going from station to station, while learning so much from the older students in Londonderry, who are great role models. We see our students applying the rules they were taught during Recess Academy each day while playing outside.  Many thanks to Crystal Rich, the LHS athletes and the Guidance and PE Departments at MT for their hard work in making this day such a huge success. Many thanks as well to our parent volunteers who assisted throughout the afternoon; we couldn’t do it without you.

Our College and Career Ready Day was held on Wednesday, October 19th. Staff members and students donned college t-shirts and sweatshirts and some students dressed up as their career of choice.  Over 30 parents and community members spent time visiting the classrooms and speaking to students about their careers and the skills required. Students prepared questions for the guest speakers following their presentations. The Guidance Counselors in their classroom guidance lessons talked about the importance of thinking ahead to the future and using POP (Perseverance, Ownership and Practice) to achieve their goals. Classroom teachers had a variety of fun, career-related activities for students throughout the day.  It was a very busy but wonderful CCR Day at Matthew Thornton School.

Our Book Fair was held last week on 10/27 and 10/28. Thank you to Susan Fletcher for all of her hard work and organization and to the volunteers who made this such a great success. We all look forward to the Book Fair and there was definitely something for everyone!

On Wednesday, October 26th we had our 2nd Annual Fall Festival and it was extremely well attended.  Between the Book Fair, The Fall Basket Raffle and the many, many games and activities, it was a busy night! The Fall Basket Fundraiser was organized by Karen Martin and Lynn Hoyt and the baskets were extraordinary this year and in great demand. Thank you to our coordinators and the many parents who donated items for the baskets. Thank you to Julie Maloney and Ali Flaherty who organized the Fall Festival activities for students. Students had the opportunity to play a variety of games that were all fall-themed. One of my favorites was watching students climb the Spider web climbing rope. Thank you to Dan Wrubleski, our PE teacher who helped out and the many parent volunteers who ran the activities. There were so many smiles on the student’s faces; you made the night a special one.

Our Halloween celebration was held on Friday, 10/28 this year, since Londonderry was celebrating Halloween on Saturday, 10/29.  Due to inclement weather we quickly shifted gears and held our parade indoors. Parents were in the Gymnasium and students paraded around the Gym, providing many photo ops for parents, neighbors and friends. The costumes this year were outstanding, even many of our 4th and 5th graders really went all out!!  Staff members also got into the celebration with fun costumes, some had grade-level or department themes, like “Elf on the Shelf” and “Bumblebees”. The day ended with Halloween parties in the classrooms. Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped sign-in our classroom visitors and to all of the Homeroom parents and classroom volunteers who donated or organized food and fun Halloween activities for the students. Thank you to our custodial staff as well;  there is a lot of extra set up and clean up on party days.

We are trying our best to carry on the tradition of frequent communication through email blasts to our families.  This is helping to save a great deal of paper, and the ease of this mode of communication is amazing. If you would like to add your email to our list, please send an email to  You can also follow us on Twitter where you will receive up to the minute information.  Please follow us at: @Londonderry_mte. 

Some drop off and pick up reminders: Please remember to drop off students in the back of the building from 8:30-8:50 each morning.  If you arrive later, please go to the front of the building and sign your child in. Please use caution when driving in and out of the front of the building, as our learners and staff members are entering the building.  We want to make sure that everyone is safe at MT.

As you know, the weather has begun to change and students need to be properly attired for outdoor recess. We would like to remind you that we continue to go outside for recess even through the winter months unless it is rainy or the wind chill is 20 degrees or less.  Please get out those hats, mittens, and boots and, if possible, please put student names on items.  We have so many items in the Lost and Found already. Please take a look when you are in the building and claim those lost items.




by Jean K. Sand


PAWS Behavioral Expectations Program

P ositive Attitude

A ct Responsibly

W ork and Play Safely

S how Respect


The PAWS program at Matthew Thornton is a program to maintain and support positive school

behaviors. If your student arrives home with “PAWS” stickers, it indicates that they were observed

demonstrating a positive behavior in areas such as the hallway, cafeteria, classroom, library, etc.

The focus for the month of September was hallway behavior and POP (Perseverance, Ownership,

Practice). At each grade level, the classes who received the most “PAWS” stickers received a 15-minute


Winning classes announced at the beginning of October were:

1 st grade Mrs. Maloney 2 nd grade Mrs. Rheault

3 rd grade Mrs. Mack 4 th grade Mrs. Memmolo

5 th grade Mrs. Lesieur and Mrs. Jackes


The focus for the month of October was showing respect and anti-bullying. The classes who received

the most “PAWS” stickers at each grade level received an extra 15-minute recess.

On Friday, September 23 rd , there was a “PAWS, No PAWS” event in the gym. Fifteen fourth and fifth graders were selected as contestants. Thirty third graders were chosen to hold the suitcases. The categories were behaviors in the café, hallway, bathroom, bus, and the playground.

Additionally, “PAWS” stickers are given in the Cafeteria to class tables who demonstrate positive school behavior. When a table receives fifteen stickers, that class receives an extra fifteen-minute recess. Other special awards will be given as tables accumulate more Cafeteria stickers. Be on the lookout for future PAWS information and please continue to reinforce with your children at home.

Recess Academy was held on October 13.. Londonderry High School students from the Athletic

Leadership Team taught the students playground rules and game skills.


We are excited that the new infrastructure upgrades are providing improved internet access for our staff and students.  Classrooms have presentation stations and grades 3-5 have mobile computer labs for student computer use. We have one hard-wired computer lab on the 1st floor and classroom teachers may sign up to bring their students to the lab.  Through the use of i-Ready at all grade levels this year, there is increased assessment data which provides information about student’s next steps in learning. The instructional pieces of i-Ready provide differentiated lessons for students based upon their needs. We are also thrilled that our 4th and 5th grade students are able to use Google Docs this year. 

Have a wonderful November and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharon Putney and Bill McCarthy