Hello and welcome! My name is Holly Drazen and I am an Occupational Therapist for the district. I obtained my degree from the University of New Hampshire and my career has been in the public schools. I have worked with preschool through high school aged students with all types of challenges. In August 2016 I became certified as a Size Matters Handwriting Matters Program Therapist.

This year I will be working at Matthew Thornton and Moose Hill so my days at Matthew Thornton will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings. I will once again be spending my time at Matthew Thornton working in the PALS program.

The OT/PT department is located in room 5 at Matthew Thornton. I continue to have my desk in room 5 and I spend time there  primarily before and after school. Also I have work space in room 5 for times when I need to spend time with students individually.

I can be reached at Matthew Thornton by calling the main school number 432-6937 and dialing extension 6005. This will connect you to voice mail where you can leave me a message. If you choose to contact me through email be sure to write "Confidential" in the subject area. I will return phone calls and emails as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


National School Backpack Awareness Day - September 17, 2016 

During the month of August many families find themselves purchasing supplies for the new school year. A major purchase is the backpack your child will use on a daily basis. There are hundreds to choose from. You may want to consider some important tips from the American Occupational Therapy Association when outfitting your child with a backpack.

FIT IS IMPORTANT! Select the right size for your child.

  • The height of the backpack should be about 2 inches below the shoulder blades.

  • The bottom of the pack should rest in the curve of the lower back; never more than four inches below the child’s waistline.

  • Padded shoulder straps can help protect the blood vessels and nerves of the neck and shoulders.

  • Waist belts can help distribute a pack’s weight evenly.


  • Encourage your child to pack their own backpack after you teach them the proper packing techniques and what should be included daily.




The holidays are coming. RUN!!! Just joking. Sometimes it feels like you can just be swept along without any control. Imagine how our children feel. The next few weeks are often exciting but can be overwhelming. Frequently we hear stories of children having “meltdowns” or “running amuck”. Regardless of the holidays you may celebrate, anxiety levels can be high due to changes in routines and unpredictability of the environment. We want to encourage everyone to take a break, stop, and relax for a moment. Then think about your family and their schedules before you commit to activities.

Don’t forget the simple things like: taking a walk, sledding, playing in the snow, watching movies together, making treats together, making time to talk, bowling, movies, skating, tubing…the list could go on forever.

We are often asked for lists of games/activities that work on visual perceptual motor skills. The list is endless but here are some favorites that come to mind and might make great presents.

Play Doh/clay                         Etch-a-Sketch 

Magna doodle                         Magnetiuc Tiles 

Lite Brite                                Don't Break the Ice

Thin Ice                                 Legos


K-Nex         Zingo

Hippity Hop Balls  Bean Bag Chairs

Chalk Board and Chalk Dry Erase Board and Makers

Craft Materials or kits Musical Toys – drums, Mr. Microphone,

Beach Balls Balloons

Bubbles Mini Trampoline

Finger Paint

Battery Operated/Remote Controlled Race Cars/Helicopters

Enjoy the Season!