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Welcome to Mrs. Horohoe's Web Page!

 I am a special education teacher in the PALS Program, which is located at Matthew Thornton School.  Together with Lindsay Ross, we are the teachers for this district wide Primary Academic Learning Program for grades 1-5. In addition to us, our staff includes Kathy Mosowitz, Speech Language Pathologist and Holly Drazen, Occupational Therapist.  We have a wonderful suite of rooms to spread out and meet the needs of all our learners, which we refer to as the Blue, Red and Green Rooms, and we also have a multipurpose room for activities such as cooking, art, eating, and movement.

Feel free to contact me by emailing, or calling 432-6937 at extension 6108, with any questions or concerns you may have.

I look forward to working with your child and a great year in the PALS Room!

Our Assistants

This year our very dedicated assistants include Mrs. Sheri Breau, Mrs. Jennifer Brooks,
 Mrs. Susan Bruhmuller,  Mrs. Jane Daniels, Mrs. Amy Furlong, Miss Lauren Gaudette,
Ms. Pam Hodson,  Mrs. Denise Manella and Mrs. Terry Ruggiero. They will be working with your child both in the PALS room, and when in their grade level classroom.

In The Classroom

If your child has been assigned to the PALS room, we will be designing and individualizing their program based on their needs. A schedule of their day will be sent home to you, and this may be helpful when reviewing your child's day with them.

When your child comes to our PALS classroom space, we will typically be working on the same subject area as their grade level class, but at a level and with materials that are appropriate for their learning style. Our lessons and classroom setting may be more conducive for your child during their direct instruction, but we will make sure your child is with their class during the school day as it is appropriate to their academic, social and emotional needs. In some cases, your child may stay in their homeroom class for various lessons and activities, and at that time they will be supported by myself or one of our assistants. The work they will do with their class will be modified or accommodated for them. Each child's program is individualized, and if you have any questions of what their day looks like, please contact me.


The purpose of the communication log is for us to have regular communication between home and school. Please send the notebook back and forth every day, even if you don't have time to write in it. We do appreciate notes from home and it really helps us when communicating with your child, especially after a weekend or vacation. If you feel you have something important, and, or private that you want to talk to me directly about, then please call my extension or send an email.

Your child will also have a reflection sheet that will be sent home most days, where they will document their thoughts and feelings about their school day.  This is a good tool for conversation with your child regarding their day.

Parent Meetings

This year our parent meetings will take place on Wednesday's for the most part.  This is the day that has currently been assigned to our PALS room team and that all of us are available to meet. 


Homework will be assigned as it fits your child's individual needs. The purpose of homework is for your child to practice skills and concepts that they are learning in school. Most assignments will be short, and not take your child a great deal of time. If at any point you find your child is truly struggling with an assignment, please write a note directly on the assignment/worksheet, and sign it, so that I can see what the problem was.

 In completing assignments, your child will not only practice and reinforce skills they are learning in school, but also learn to be responsible for their actions by completing the work and returning it in a timely manner. Their peers in their grade level classrooms are also doing nightly homework, and they can take pride in bringing their work back as well.