My name is Mrs. Chinni and I am a Special Education Teacher for First Grade. I teach language arts (reading, writing and spelling) and math to students in both small groups and on an individual basis. Students who work with me may be identified special education students or students with temporary services. I meet with students daily, both in and out of their classrooms. I am also available to teachers for weekly consultations, so the individual needs of all students may be addressed.

You may also hear your child talk of other adults in the classroom. Mrs. Evangelista, the grade level assistant, support students in a variety of ways daily. Sheprovides direct instruction and classroom support, as well as opportunities for individual practice/review of skills. Although our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each student, we link our themes and units of study to that of the classroom whenever possible.

Homework is an important part of my program. Students usually receive homework folders on Mondays and are expected to return them on Friday each week. Parent involvement with homework is encouraged, as this is a wonderful way for you be connected to your child's progress in learning. Notes, phone calls and email are always welcome. This is also a great way for you to help reinforce our PAWS behaviors from home:

Positive Attitude (do your best on homework),

Act Responsibly (return your homework),

Work and Play Safely (use self-control),

Show Respect (to your parents).

Thank you for all of your support! I'm looking forward to working with each of you!

Mrs. Erin Chinni

Room 17

603-432-6937 X 6549

The Latest News From Mrs. Chinni

Do you want to help your child in reading?

Remember this formula! Speed + Accuracy = Fluency

Two ways to help your child build Reading Fluency:

1. Daily Sight Word Practice - choose 5 words at a time to practice from first 100 words from the Fry Instant Word List

2. Repeated reading - read the same sentence, passage or story for 3-5 consecutive days; your child's homework may include reading fluency through "Refrigerator Stories."

Refrigerator Stories

These stories are printable sheets that children hang on their refrigerator to practice reading the Fry Sight Words. Refrigerator stories are sent home with students as sight words are introduced in the classroom. These stories will help children master these words quickly and allow parents to take part in their child’s success. Mastering sight words is a crucial part of a balanced literacy program and one that every child needs to accomplish. Once students learn sight words, reading becomes much easier, confidence is bolstered and children experience success. I hope you enjoy them.

How to practice refrigerator stories:

  1. Hang up the refrigerator story as soon as it comes home.
  2. Practice every day.
  3. Parent signature on the story when student can read it smoothly and independently.
  4. Return to Mrs. Chinni. A new story will be sent home shortly, or the story will be returned home for more practice.

Online Resources

Helpful Websites:

"Understood" Resources for parents of children with learning and attention issues.

50 Playful Ways to Practice Sight Words

Executive Functioning Resources

Math Activities

Math and Reading

Fun with Characters from PBS