Hello! This is the webpage of Patricia Jobin, M. Ed. I am a special education teacher/case manager.  I can be reached at (603) 432-6937 extension 6516 or at I have worked for the Londonderry School District for 19 years. I was a regular education teacher for 6 years and I have been a special education teacher/case manager for 13 years. 

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 For the 2017-2018 school year I am working in a new resource room called the Student Support Center (SSC). The Student Support Center Mission is to provide a proactive. preventative approach for students to access behavioral supports as well as coping skills. The SSC has been created for students who may be compromising instruction for themselves or others. It is designed to provide support for such students who are having difficulty managing their behavior. The goal is to a) provide a place for students to de-escalate, b) reflect on their choices and behaviors, and c) process and use problem solving strategies in order to make expected behaviors in the future. The goal is to have students return to the classroom as quickly as possible. When working with students in the SSC, the student's particular behavior will be connected to the following school-wide expectations:
P- Positive Attitude
A- Act Responsibly
W- Work and Play Safely
S- Show Respect

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Routines and increased independence are important for students of all ages. As students grow they need to be encouraged to pick their own snacks, pack their own backpacks, and even make choices about what they will wear to school. When children show increased independence they become more responsible. Responsibility is a life skill and it’s never too early to learn!   

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