Frequently Asked Questions

*Will my child have homework?

Your child will have homework on a weekly basis.  Assignments will be due on Friday.  On Monday, they will receive their homework folder with their assignments for the week.  Homework will consist of a page of spelling practice and a page of math practice for each night, math fact practice, and reading. On occasion there will be an additional activity to be completed at home.  I highly recommend spreading out assignments over the week rather than doing all homework at once.  This accomplishes things; it helps your child to be prepared for the Friday spelling test and it prepares them for the demands for third grade when nightly homework assignments will be expected.

*What does my child need for each day?

Your child will need a snack to eat in the afternoon.  We will have snack at around 2:00 pm every day.  Snack will be kept to 15 minutes.  I encourage water bottles for class.  It helps your child to stay hydrated throughout the day.  Minimizing trips to the water fountain also minimizes the spread of germs during cold and flu season.  Your child will also need lunch or to have lunch money in their account for lunch daily.

*Does my child need any school supplies?

We are very fortunate in Londonderry to be provided a budget for purchasing school supplies for our students.  If your child would like to have special supplies from home, they can keep them in their pencil box.  I would appreciate donations of hand sanitizer, paper towels, and soft tissues.  

*Is your room a "Nut Aware" classroom?

No, this year, we don't have a nut aware classroom.  There are no restrictions on what your child can pack your child for snack.