In second grade, the goal is for everyone to work on developing good homework habits. You may find the assignments repetitive or simple, but I assure you that review and reinforcement of what we have worked on in class is extremely beneficial. I have explained to the class that homework should be done in a quiet place with a good writing surface. All homework should be completed in pencil unless otherwise noted. It is also important that all assignments be completed with quality and effort. That means I am looking forward to seeing your best writing!

Throughout the course of the week, I would like everyone to practice memorizing math facts. Math facts are all of the addition and subtraction problems that have answers to 18. Math will continue to become more challenging. Knowing the math facts automatically can help you concentrate on the math concept rather that spending all of your time figuring out the answer to computation problems.

If you should encounter any problems during homework time, please let me know. I would be happy to answer any questions and offer my assistance. Homework should take approximately 20 minutes. Good Luck!