About Pull Out Math

What is the Pull Out Math Program?

Each child learns at his or her own pace. Pull Out Math is a program specifically designed for fourth and fifth grade students who require a faster paced math class than their peers. Students who are in the pull out math class qualify by achieving high scores on standardized tests and on classroom assessments, exhibiting traits and work habits of high ability math students, and mastering math fact fluency goals.

Students are assessed at the end of third and again at the end of fourth grade for the pull out math program for the following year.

How is the Pull Out Math Class Different Than A Grade Level Class?

The fourth and fifth grade pull out math classes use Math in Focus, the same series as their peers. The difference is in the pacing. We also work on trimester projects and learn from Richard Zaccaro's Real World Algebra. The number of students per pull out math class tends to be smaller than a typical math class so we enjoy working in groups and with partners.

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