Instructional Strategies


The KEY student should maintain a level of 
self-initiation and motivation. Their intellectual curiosity and willingness to solve complex problems allows for them to pursue their individual interest and follow their own direction.

The KEY classroom is set up to encourage verbal proficiency. It is designed to  facilitate discussion and increases vocabulary. Students are able to share their breadth of information within these discussions. Fifth grade students will practice these skills by staging a debate later in the year.

KEY provides access to multi-level and challenging material. Students are given the opportunity for interactions with peers of similar ability. The curriculum will incorporate basic skills into individual self-selected study projects as well as class projects. KEY allows students the opportunity to set up alternative ways to learn concepts. Students will focus on inductive learning and problem solving. Fourth grade KEY students will begin the year by participating in a simulation on problem solving. Steps to the problem solving process will be taught and practiced.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year with a group of talented learners. Please contact me if you have any questions.