Frequently Asked Questions

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Should my child bring a water bottle to school?
Yes!!! Your child should bring a water bottle to school everyday (even if it's not P.E. day) It saves a ton of time to have water readily available in the classroom.  We are so much more productive when we are hydrated!!

Can I send in birthday treats?
We would love to celebrate your child's birthday. Unfortunately we are not allowed to distribute food in class (except for holiday parties.)  On your child's birthday we will sing to them and send them to the office for a special certificate and bubbles.

Should I help my child with their homework?

This is a great question! Since the homework is a review of what we have already done in class, your child should be able to complete the assignments independently. However, from time to time, your child may struggle. Here is my opinion regarding homework at this age.  I feel that homework is not meant to be painful (for you or your child). If your child has difficulty, or they have a wrong answer, I feel that it is more beneficial to review the concept and model how to do it correctly than let them hand in work that is incorrect or allow them to experience major frustration. Allow homework to be a positive family experience, but don’t give away the answers too easily;) 
More importantly, remember that I am a parent too:)  If you are sitting at home struggling with homework, please know that I am probably in my kitchen doing the same thing with my kids! Don't hesitate to let me know if things aren't going well. Hopefully we can work together to solve the problem.