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‚ÄčTransitioning to Middle School

Be Prepared - It takes a couple weeks to get the hang of where your classrooms are in comparison to your locker, the restrooms, the cafeteria and gym. Walk through your average day and figure out when locker stops are necessary.  Make sure that you know what materials you are going to need for each class and you set up an organization system that works for you.

Stay on task - In middle school your teachers expect you to be responsible for yourself, which means keeping on top of your homework, budgeting study time for quizzes and tests and keeping the chit chat to a minimum during class time.  Remembering to use your planner can be a great resource in helping you to stay on task.

Homework Helps - Homework may seem like a hassle, especially when you've got so many other things on your plate, like soccer practice and marching band. But doing homework is part of your job as a student.  Homework is a great way to show that you can get things done without supervision.  So get into the habit of doing your homework and finishing it on time.

Make The Grade - You may wonder how your grades in middle school can affect your future career path. Believe it or not, your grades count a lot. Grades are the only way colleges, employers, and others in positions of authority can objectively measure your performance. Middle school is the perfect time to identify what kind of student you are and where there's room for improvement. You may even want to talk to your teachers about ways you can better your grades. If you wait until high school, it will be too late. There is simply no downside to getting good grades.

Hold on to your values and don't get sucked in by your peers. It's easy to follow the crowd when you aren't sure what else to do.  Stop and think about your actions before you jump into a situation that could get you in big trouble.  Remember that you have choices and getting caught up in the drama and gossip will not help you succeed.  

Seek Support with your teachers, principals, counselors and coaches. These people are here to help you.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by academics, social concerns, or life in general, don’t hesitate to lean on others and ask for assistance.

Join some clubs - Extracurricular activities—sports, music, clubs—give a glimpse into your character. That's because extracurricular activities require skills you won't necessarily learn in class: teamwork, leadership, responsibility.  Such real-world skills contribute to the strength of your character. The stronger your character, the more attractive you are as a person.