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What is Student Council?

Student Council is an organization run by student leaders and supervised by adult sponsors. The purpose of our Student Council is to:

  • Provide leadership
  • Serve the school and our community
  • Share information
  • Promote positive PAWS behavior

Who can be on Student Council?

Student Council is open to all fourth and fifth graders. To represent your grade-level as a Student Council Representative you must:

  • Practice positive PAWS behavior
  • Maintain good grades
  • Have good attendance in school
  • Be able to attend all Student Council meetings and work at fundraisers and community service projects

Two Student Council members will be elected from each homeroom. Prior to the election, students who would like to run for representative must submit a paragraph stating why they would like to represent their class. 

Are there Student Council Officers?

There are six officers who will represent our Student Council and school. Our officers are president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, fundraiser chair, and publicist. In order to represent your school as an officer, you must:

  • Be a fifth grade representative
  • Be nominated by the student council
  • Campaign during campaign week by submitting posters, flyers, etc. to the student council sponsors
  • Deliver a speech to the fifth grade
  • Be elected by your fifth grade class
  • Be able to attend all meetings (Dates are listed below) and student council functions
  • Demonstrate good PAWS behavior
  • Maintain good grades and attendance

Where are when does Student Council meet?

Student Council meets in room 208, on the First Wednesday of the month from 3:30-4:15. There may be other meetings throughout the year but advance notice will always be provided. Students will need transportation home no later than 4:20 on meeting days and will need to be picked up in the front lobby of MT. Committee meetings for fundraisers or other functions can be determined by the committees.

What types of projects does Student Council do?
Most of the projects completed by our Student Council are service-oriented. Whether the efforts are to provide service to our community or our school, all projects are chosen to promote awareness of the people around us.

Fundraisers are also held by our Student Council to raise money for our school and to support our projects.

Student Council representatives and officers may also be chosen to help with certain school activities where the principal and assistant principal feel positive role models and leadership within the school are needed.