General Music

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or can't open something.                            Mrs. Gilcreast          Musical Notes.png         


Hi Everyone!  Here are some fun things to choose from for music time.  You do not need to fill out a form to tell me what you did, but you can email if you would like to connect with me.  I hope you have enjoyed doing music at home.  I miss you!!!  Have a great summer.  

Sing Along Songs

How Far I'll Go from Moana
What a Beautiful Life from Abominable  

I Can Go the Distance from Hercules  

I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan
I Just Can't Wait to Be King from Lion King

Dance Videos
Gummy Bear

Fun Video to Watch
See these 4 women play their instruments in CRAZY ways!!! Click here

Mystery Coloring Pages
Hidden Picture 1.pdf
Hidden Picture 2.pdf
Hidden Picture 3.pdf

Music for ALL grades May 18-22         Illustration Of A Flag Of The United States.png
Click here

Patriotic Coloring Pages: 
Memorial Day words.docx  
Eagle Memorial Day.pdf
Land of the Free.docx
Flag Picture.pdf


Music Classwork for May 11-15

1st Grade   Click here                      2nd Grade  Click here

3rd Grade  Click here                      4th Grade  Click here

5th Grade  Click here


Music Classwork for May 4-8

1st Grade  Click here                       2nd Grade  Click here

3rd Grade  Click here                      4th Grade  Click here

5th Grade  Click here


Music Activities for 4/28/2020 through 4/30/2020             

                          Music for all grades.docx


Music Classwork for 4/6/2020 through 4/24/2020

1st Grade Classes
Note for 1st Grade.docx
1st Grade Music Bingo.pdf
Quarter Notes Worksheet.pdf

2nd Grade Classes
Note to 2nd Grade.docx
2nd Grade Music Bingo.pdf
Match the Instruments.pdf
Quarter Notes Worksheet.pdf

3rd Grade Classes
Note for 3rd Graders and Parents.docx
3rd grade Music Bingo.pdf
Bunny Tale.pdf
How to Name Notes.docx
Secret Code Pages.pdf
Match the Instruments.pdf

4th and 5th Grade Classes
Directions - Important to Read First!!!.docx
Soundtrack of My Life.pdf
Be a Lyricist.docx
Weekly Music Activities.docx


Files from the first 2 weeks of remote learning  3/23 - 4/3:

1st Grade.docx                                                                    2nd Grade.docx                                     
Music Bingo grade 1.docx                                            Music Bingo grade 2.docx

3rd Grade.docx                                                                4th Grade.docx
Music Bingo grade 3.docx                                         Music Bingo Grade 4.docx

5th Grade.docx
Music Bingo Grade 5.docx

Rhythm Workout 1 - all grades.pdf
Rhythm Workout.mp4   (video for grades 1 and 2)
Rhythm Workout 2.pdf

Spring Rhythms - Grades 2-5.pdf

Stories Worksheet - Grades 1-2.pdf

Reviewing Note Values - Grades 2-5.pdf

Music Coloring Page.pdf
Flower Music Coloring.pdf
Animal Band Coloring.pdf
Kids Band Coloring Page.pdf