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Welcome to Matthew Thornton's School Counseling Website!

Welcome to the Matthew Thornton Elementary School Counseling website. Where every day matters for our students. We are glad you took the time to visit us and see what is happening at Matthew Thornton.

Our Goals for the Matthew Thornton School Counseling Program are to:
  • Connect with each and every student in the building and provide support in anyway needed
  • Provide developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lessons to each student building wide
  • Provide individualized student support groups focusing on topics ranging from coping skills/socialization to divorce and grief concerns 

Contact Information

 Grades 1-3:    Grades 4-5 & PALS Program: 
 Mrs. Kathy Wuorio  Mrs. Katie Miller
 (603) 432-6937 x 6519  (603) 432-6937 x 6523
 [email protected]  [email protected]