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Welcome to Mrs. Coppinger's web page. You 
will find information about fourth and fifth grade Key classes. Be sure to scroll down to find out what is happening in KEY.

What is Special Curriculum? 


  The philosophy of the Special Curriculum Department is to
develop high level cognitive thinking skills, independent learning, creative
thinking and affective awareness by offering: content beyond the prescribed
curriculum; experiences in creative thinking and problem solving of real
problems; development on self -motivation, risk taking, curiosity, imagination
and elaboration

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Key classes meet once a week on Tuesday or
Wednesday for about an
hour. Curriculum is developed in response to the general strengths and needs of
each student. Opportunities are provided for each student to develop and expand
their interests, talents and intelligence's. During our scheduled classes students
are recognized for their innate divergent and varied gifts and talents. They
will be encouraged to accept academic challenges and to learn more about their
capabilities. Throughout the year critical thinking skills, those identified as
essential for successful, productive, lifelong learning are stressed.

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