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My name is Erin Chinni and I am a Special Education Teacher for Third Grade. I teach language arts (reading, writing and spelling) and math to students in both small groups and on an individual basis. I meet with students daily, both in and out of their classrooms. I am also available to teachers for weekly consultations, so the individual needs of all students may be addressed.

You may also hear your child talk of other adults in the classroom. Mrs. MacLennan and Ms. Loux, our grade level assistants, support students in a variety of ways daily. They provide direct instruction and classroom support, as well as opportunities for individual practice/review of skills. Although our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each student, we link our themes and units of study to that of the classroom whenever possible.

Please see the Home Learning Resources page and check back weekly for more updated information about remote learning.


Mrs. Erin Chinni
603-432-6937 x6202

* Please note that email is the most efficient way to reach  me! 



Online Resources

Helpful Websites:

"Understood" Resources for parents of children with learning and attention issues.


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