Mrs. Halloran's Page

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am the Special Education Teacher for first grade at Matthew Thornton School. I will be working closely with your child’s classroom teacher and other team members in the building to provide them with the most appropriate services possible. This will include regular meetings, sharing ideas and lessons, and providing support in the classroom. We will be providing students with group and individual services in Math, Reading, Writing, and daily classroom support as determined by their plan. In the next few weeks your child will be getting a homework folder. Please make sure that you check your child’s backpack for this, as it is an important form of communication!

You will be notified when meetings or assessments for your child are scheduled, but if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call.

I am looking forward to working together to make this a great school year!

Stefanie Halloran
(603) 432-6937
[email protected]